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Thread: Some problem with convert module

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    Default Some problem with convert module


    Convert module suddenly stopped workin.
    As I drag and drop pdf to my workflow it stucks to "jobs in process". And if I click the job open to see the workflow I have this icon after convert module indicating that convert module is running at the moment.
    I logged out and in again causing the jobflow to change it's behavior a little. Now the job goes to "jobs queued" section and I don't have any options to do anything with it.

    What can I do?
    I just opened web2print service today that is using jobflow as it's workflow solution and orders start to flow in tomorrow. I need to get it up and running again,

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    Good morning Mikko. How are the PDFs submitted to JobFlow from your W2P solution? It might be an issue with the fact the job is being held by another app/service.

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