I was reading through the documentation disc because we got this machine used, I'm not sure our documentation disc is even right it's says it's for the E100 70-60C-KM v1.0 All I know is we have Fiery version 9 running on a Konica Minolta C6000. But it is talking about the Fiery E100 productivity package. Do I have that? How can I check?
It has info on Auto Trapping, I checked the workstation and I don't see that as an option. I'm interested in this since it makes color go to the edges? I was told by our service guy that it doesn't print to the edge because it would gunk up the printer and you cut the white edge off. This made sense to me because we aren't a print house, none of us know what we are doing with this stuff and we have had no training, obviously.
Can anyone give me some insight on this?
Thank You.