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Thread: Posting a JDF job description via Fiery API v3

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    Default Posting a JDF job description via Fiery API v3

    We have a Ricoh Pro8110S printer (Controller EB-32 with built-in Fiery JDF engine). Status queries
    via Fiery API v3 work very well; however, when I try to POST a JDF job to the EB-32 controller, a valid
    job id is returned but the JDF job is not recognized by the print controller. Did anyone try to
    submit JDF files using the Fiery API ? I also searched in the Fiery JDF forum for a solution but could
    not find any hint.

    Harald Meyer

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, this workflow isn't supported. To submit JDF job, you need to follow the regular JMF submission with JDF jobs. Our server doesn't recognize it's a JDF job if it doesn't come from a proper JDF-submitting application.


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