I am currently working on getting JDF to work for our company, and ran into some troubles.

I got some documentation and JDF examples from Xerox, but unfortunately not everything I need is described in the examples, and the documentation seems outdated.

The pdf documentation file I got was:

Fiery JDF
JDF Details
Elements, Attributes and Values
Dated: 7/7/2014

I found some errors in the documentation by using the examples and testing myself.

For example: on page 23 of the documentation it is stated that the attribute "EFI:Bleed" can contain the values "true" or "false". But after testing it is clear that this should be "X Y" where X is the horizontal bleed, and the Y is the vertical bleed.

Another example: also on page 23: the attribute "FrontMarkList" can contain values "true" or "false", but I found out that if you use "CutMarks" as a value, then the cutmarks are emitted. I suspect with my experience with other JDF's that you could also enter other values here to emit the colorcontrolstrip and jobline. But I have no idea what I should enter.

What I mostly would like to know is how I can set the "Note 1" and "Note 2" (as seen in the Fiery Command Station) in JDF and how I can set the Control Bar in JDF, this so we can print an extra txt line on every sheet with information for the rest of the printing and cutting process.

Also an example how I can use impose "Gangup Unique-Collate Cut" and "Booklet Perfect" from JDF, in the examples I got there was mention on how to use "Booklet Saddle", "Booklet Nested Saddle" and "Gangup Unique" but not "Gangup Unique-Collate Cut" or "Booklet Perfect".