We are finding duplicate or even triplicate paper entries being created randomly and automatically in the paper cataloge.

This is creating problems when jobs won't print even though the correct paper is loaded - The job must be cancelled and then the other paper entry selected for it to reconise the loaded paper and print the job.

We have tried to delete duplicate papers but this is only possible when there are no jobs in the queue using the paper.

The more serious issue is that there is no indication which is the origional paper cataloge entry so when an entry is deleted it is in some cases the origional entry which is associated with the colour profile and hot files and that particular profile cannot be calibrated and the hot folders save the files with a paper cataloge error.

Archived jobs also report paper cataloge errors when they are sent to print and must be associated to the new entry before they will print.

There doesn't seem to be a way to assciocate the duplicated paper entry to the profile or hot folder.

We have had to recreate the profiles and hot folders repeatedly which is very time consuming as the problem just seems to recur!

Is there any way:
1. I can prevent the duplicates or triplicate entries?
2. Associate the new entries to the existing profiles and hot folders?
3. Identify the origional paper entry so I only delete the new entries?

Xerox have seen the problem and confirmed and escalated however they have not been able to provide any answers or support!