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Thread: Paper Catalogue Duplicate Entries - Versant 80

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    Default Paper Catalog Duplicate Entries

    Do you have some Media Templates in the paper catalog which do not have a paper size defined?
    Have seen this before with duplicate entries being created by the print engine although the duplicate paper catalog entry is of the format _(paper size) with the paper size appended, eg _A4, _A4S, etc or even _undetectable paper size

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    The Fiery updated to SP3 on 26/07/2018 and next day we picked up a problem with multiple duplicated entries being created about +- every 30sec when we load paper sized between 482 to 488x330mm.

    The duplicates are only created when the V80 is switched on.

    As soon as we change the size on the V80 to other sizes, it stops creating duplicates.

    When selecting the paper in Job Properties and releasing to print, it won't print because a new paper catalog entry has been created and associated with the paper tray by the time it has processed and is ready to print!

    We have 488x330mm set on the V80 as a preset size and has been used without a problem since we got the machine over 2.5 yrs ago.

    We can load the paper as 13x19" and other sizes and it doesn't create duplicates.

    When we load the 488x330mm paper and select Auto size on the V80 it detects it as 13x19", however when the job runs, it jams because the V80 is expecting the paper to be 482x330mm. If we trim the paper to 482x330mm it runs fine!

    I assume that something in the SP3 update is conflicting with the 488x330mm size causing it to recreate the entry in the paper catalog every 30sec.

    The local Xerox tech has suggested that the RAM in the Fiery should be upgraded to 16gb from the current 4gb as they have picked up problems similar to this.

    While the performance of the Fiery has always been dismal and we normally wait 1-3minutes for the Properties window to open, since the recent CWS upgrade 2 weeks ago the response time has increased to 5 to 15 minutes for the Properties to open and we have been trying everything to work out what the problem is without much success.

    When we select any action on CWS on the Server, CWS will be in a Not Responding state for about 5 minutes before displaying the timer.

    I have been told by Xerox that the RAM will solve this slow response time as well as possibly cure the Paper Catalogue duplicates and that we can use generic DDR3 PC1600 240 pin 8gb RAM x 2.

    Many thanks

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    We are seeing this issue as well in Denmark... I have 4-5 Versant 180's with Fiery EX at customers all sold within the last year.
    All are running CWS 6.x.x
    Papercatalogs are created automatically and they are all identical. When they get deleted they get created. The creation process somehow slow stuff down

    As of today I've tried to update to CWS 6.2 (latest)
    Set System pageFile (instead of HOPELESS static 8GB setting)
    Did not change RAM or SSD in any way.
    I know that Xerox Tech in DK have created a Log but have heard nothing specific.

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    AndersJensen, what Fiery system software versions are running on these Versant 180's?

    Version 1.0, 1.2, or a mix of both?

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