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Thread: Keyboard shortcuts in 5.7 gone in 5.8

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    Default Keyboard shortcuts in 5.7 gone in 5.8

    I have seen the printable card for Command Workstation keyboard shortcuts, but some that I became accustomed to in version 5.7 are not on the list. They no longer work in version 5.8 either.

    One that I used all the time was for searching in the archive. Instead of using the search box, I usually only needed to hit the first letter of a job I was looking for. this no longer works in 5.8. Boooooooo...

    Another simple one was just hitting "enter" after changing the amount of copies in the properties dialog. Gone in 5.8. Booooooo... Now hitting enter erases the amount you just entered and leaves it a "1". Why on earth would I want that? I know you can just hit "tab", but that is so inefficient compared to just hitting enter a couple times and "CTRL P".

    The number one thing I do, by far, when editing properties of a job is changing the amount of copies. I would like the "copies" box to automatically be highlighted and ready for a new entry, instead of having to use the mouse. So your steps upon selecting your files in the "held" tab would be: "CTRL J" (open properties), enter number of copies and hit "enter" to exit the properties dialog with your new entries, "CTRL P" (print). Job is done. On to new things.

    Any suggestions if I am missing something here are welcome.

    Using Windows 7

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    We didn't change any of these intentionally, it may be a side effect of some common library updates we included. Looking into it...

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