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Thread: Impose Loses Pantone References?

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    Default Impose Loses Pantone References?

    If i impose a job that has pantone colours and then save it as a .dbp it loses the pantone colours i.e when i create substitute values for that colour it won't change them but if i save the imposed job as a flattened pdf it does hold the pantone and i can then adjust the values?

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    Default I think I had a similar problem

    I was having a problem with Imposed jobs not honouring my spot-on changes. My pdf would work but once I imposed it the colours changed. For me though the flattened impose file didn't work right either.

    The Solution: This was the result of windows 10 trying to be clever and perhaps double applying an icc to the job. When I created a windows shortcut and ran CWS in Windows8 mode, the problem went away.

    To do this, go to your CWS shortcut -> right-click -> properties -> Compatibility Tab -> "Run program in compatibility mode for: Windows 8"

    Hope that helps you.

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    If that doesn't work you can save them to a folder outside of CWS and bring that in. Are you using APPE, if so try disabling it. Make sure you are using the same color output profile in the job properties as you are when changing the spot color (the default on this is the default in Device center - color setup- color management).


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    Default Had same problem - Turned out to be Windows 10

    I had the same issue. I would impose a job on my workstation and it would shift my colours, but wouldn't on the Fiery server after imposing. (Server->Win8, Workstation->Win10)

    When I set CWS to run in compatibility mode for Windows 8, the issue was resolved. I think Windows was double mapping the ICC (or something like that) but this fixed it for me.

    To make a program backwards compatible: right click your program shortcut, go to properties, then the Compatibility tab. Select Windows 8 and "Change settings for all users" I haven't had any new glitches with CWS since I've done this and it also got rid of the occasional YDB. (Yucky Discoloured Box)

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