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Thread: Adding a Background image to Tabs from Compose

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    Default Adding a Background image to Tabs from Compose

    I believe this used to be possible in Compose before JobMaster came out.
    It looks like it is only possible in JobMaster now.
    Is this correct?

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    Hello jgibney,

    You are correct. Fiery Compose enables basic tab insertion capabilities. With it you can insert new tab pages and add text to the tab ear. Fiery Compose offers control over font type, name, and weight. With version 4.0 it no longer offers control over background (color or image). For this you would need to use Fiery JobMaster. Fiery JobMaster offers an advanced tab toolset which includes capabilities such as background color, image, opacity, convert existing page to tab, multi-bank tabs, and bleed edge tabs.

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