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Thread: API requirement, no previous experience. Help!

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    Default API requirement, no previous experience. Help!


    We have a requirement to ‘call off’ and print PDF jobs individually which will have been pre-processed and ‘held’ on the job center queue in command workstation. We will have multiple queues for multiple printers.

    We would want to call off the PDF documents using the Job Title field. We may have multiple documents which the same Job Title ID, In this case we would want to release and print the latest version of the PDF and then delete the older versions of the PDF from the print queue.

    We have no previous experience of writing API’s, is there any documentation which will allow us to build the API call from the ground up?


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    As we discussed through e-mails, Fiery API is a REST API. There are numerous documents, tutorials for you to be familiar with REST API. As for Fiery API specifics please refer our documentation page and sample files from

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