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Thread: RIP/Fiery Command Workstation crashing

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    Default RIP/Fiery Command Workstation crashing

    Our RIP/Fiery Command Workstation software crashes several time a day, severing the connection between our ImagePress Server Z1 RIPs and our Canon C1+ copiers.

    Error message: "Server Connection Lost. Please wait until the following servers have disconnected (followed by the RIPís IP Address)" We can usually right click in the CWS menu bar to restart the RIP software, but sometime we need to reboot the entire RIP Workstation and occasionally even the printer.

    After the CWS crash, windows is still running, the RIP Workstation can still be pinged and we can make walk up copies on the C1. Only the connection between the RIP and printer appears to be affected; the copier displays a message on its screen: "Wait a moment (Check the power source of the print server behind the main unit and cable connection)"

    We have tried everything including, adjusting sleep & daylight savings time settings, new network card on printer, complete wiping and reinstall of all software on the RIP workstation, disabling Power Over Ethernet and more. We do not believe this is network related and have even taken the unprecedented step of moving the units to a different floor in our building where others copiers exhibit no issues, still with no change in results.

    We are running Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1, Canon C1+ Printer ImagePress Server Z1 RIP, CWS

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    Has someone come up with an answer to this. This is happening to us 3 to 5 times a day. And we did the reinstall of all software on the RIP workstation and we did put in new cables. We run this with the (oki c941e)
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