I am trying to better understand Fiery Command Workstation (version 9R2) (CW), but feel like something is wrong with the features in regards to the logs.

When I connect to my machine, I see that everything is working as expected with jobs processing and printing, etc. So far so good.

This morning, I launched/connected to the printer in CW and found that the logs showed "0", nothing. After a few hours I found only a few jobs that appear. I found after closing CW and relaunching the program, the jobs that were in their previously are now gone, back to "0." Why does this happen? Maybe its by design?

So after reconnecting to the printer in CW, it has started to populate some items in the log window (currently shows "1 of 275 items" in the window) but can't seem to find a way to view/show the rest of these 'printed jobs' in the log. Tried setting date and time, clear filter, and even export and nothing except for the 1 item appearing in the window.

I am wondering if this is the way the program is designed, that every-time you disconnect/close the programs you lose the jobs in the log? That the program has limited functionality when it comes to logs and features? I tried researching for anything regarding logs/Fiery but came up empty. Any help would be appreciated.