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Thread: Pantone Matching fails on Dropped PDFs

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    Default Still an issue

    Just to verify an earlier statement regarding windows 10. Adam said that Fiery can't be affected by windows colour management which I agree with him. I should have mentioned though, that the shift was occurring when using the fiery impose which I've been told can be affected by windows.

    Also a bit of an update on my troubleshooting...
    When I open the pdf's created in InDesign in PitStop, I will find a boundary box (or some other non-visible box) in the file, when I delete this and re-save, I don't get the colour shift and my spot-on matches to my printed file. I don't think it's a transparency because on a multiple page file: deleting the shape caused the colour to stop shifting on the other page(s) as well.

    I'm wondering if this issue is caused by Fiery seeing same titled icc from different software providers as 2 different profiles and double mapping the shapes/colour??? sounds weird, but the colour shift seems to be the result of multiple mapping for one reason or another, so I'm just guessing why.

    Does this give anyone any ideas???

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    A job that is dragged and dropped into the Fiery cannot be affected by whatever color management is installed on the Windows workstation on which you run Command Workstation.

    Anything that happens with that job is managed by either the Fiery itself, or the PDF normalizer that Command Workstation installs. Period.

    Who told you that Windows could affect Impose? That person is wrong.

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