Hello all, I will try to be concise but also provide all the necessary details.The printer I have is listed above. It has a Fiery print controller with no physical on/off switch on the printer. Instead you can restart the Fiery print controller either on the touch screen on the printer or using Fiery Command Workstation 5. In the old office, the printer never had problems. We moved offices and now printing is sporadic. Sometimes users can print, sometimes their print jobs will be delayed an hour, sometimes they can only print when they run wireless instead of a wired connection or vice-versa, and finally sometimes users cannot print at all. However, at all times, all users can ping the printer successfully which I find peculiar. We are running a Dell SonicWall firewall and all the necessary access rules are setup for LAN to LAN, WLAN to LAN, and LAN to WLAN. My Fiery Command Workstation has also been disconnecting randomly from our printer though I do not know why. The one clue, which may or may not be helpful is that it remains connected longer when less people are in the office. Could it be a network traffic sort of problem? The error users get when they try to print is "Printer busy or error" or the printer simply appears offline for them. Users are using a mix of Windows 7, 8, and 10, most of which are 64 bit, and all users sporadically experience this issue. I've tried to cover anything but if I left anything out, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
P.S. I am using Windows 10, and I did see the sticky at the top of the thread about Fiery servers not being compatible with Windows 10, however, ultimately, it is the printer that is struggling to stay connected to the nodes (or vice versa) regardless of what O/S I am running Fiery Command Workstation on. As far as I know, the Fiery server is running off of the printer? I'm not sure if that makes sense, please advise.