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Thread: Screening options Ricoh 9110

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    We have had our 9110s for some time now and was told that the 175dot screen was the overall best choice. I would like to optimize the quality by profiling new medias with new screening options. Has anyone tested the many different screening options? What is best for general silk and Uncoated white papers? It would be a real time saver with some advice. I have today 175 dot and Max GCR profiles. Thanks.

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    That all depends on whether you want to be noticing the dots on casual inspection. Newspaper print is (i believe) 150 dot or worse. 200 dot rotated is standard at my shop. If your printer can handle it 300 dot will look fantastic (photo quality). My Xerox can go up to 600 dot but by then it starts to look weird.

    Best thing to do for you is spend time printing your common jobs in various dot patterns to see what is most pleasing to your eye and perhaps your customers eye. Once you've found one you like, calibrate and profile to it. Once profiled it will act the same as your 175 dot profile. Just be sure to switch your profile calibration sets and your color defaults to it and change your presets accordingly.


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