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Thread: Xerox Versant 80 Fiery Patch updates

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    Default Xerox Versant 80 Fiery Patch updates

    I was looking for Fiery updates for the Versant 80. Are there any new updates? If yes, where would I find these updates to get installed on the server?

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    Default Fiery Updates

    The best way to check for updates is to connect to the IP address of the RIP using a web browser on another computer on the same network, then go to the 'configure' tab and click the link for 'check for product updates'.

    If you are on an external server (the ones that run Windows) you are better of using the Fiery Update program in the programs list.

    Failing that these URLs will show you a list of all available updates, including those already applied to your RIP:

    For the EX RIP:

    For the EXi RIP:

    I believe these are the current URLs, but there has been quite a few updates since launch so be sure to check they are relevant to your system version.


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    Perfect, that is precisely what I needed.

    Thank you.

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