All valid concerns.

Also of concern is the Versant's ILS, specifically in context of its single-point reading system. When profiling, it's best to gather a very wide range of patches from across the entire sheet (or even multiple sheets printed in multiple orientations). A profile target that repeats certain patches across the sheet that way will have better information with which to work.

It's true that most people are more concerned about color consistency first, accuracy second as long as it's reasonable. Of the equipment you're looking at, it all falls into two categories--full production and very very light fleet-based production. Full production gear will hold up better and more easily deliver the consistency you're looking for.

I also urge anyone in your situation to consider your support mechanism--who will service you at all levels, from sales to billing to technical service to workflow consulting.

No matter what, get an autoscan spectro, a handheld spectro, and Color Profiler Suite (if you're getting a Fiery, it's the best choice) or similar to go with your system. If you get the KM C1060, make sure you get the relay unit with CDC, and get at least Color Care Measure software plus the full linearization training. (Also for best results get the vacuum-feed paper feed module.)

For consistency, remember that only KM offers full automated in-run color density control to manage the engine's density response on the fly on your production stock. Think of it like automated ink keys on a press. It's even checking and adjusting for inboard/outboard density differences, or streaks.

Ping me if you have any questions.