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Thread: Fiery driver not sending finishing instructions in InDesign

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    Default Fiery driver not sending finishing instructions in InDesign

    I have a Fiery E100 attached to a Konica Minolta C754.

    Our marketing department print or HDD store product brochures from Adobe InDesign CC as A4 booklets with Centre Fold and Stapling on Windows 10 Pro x64 to the Fiery.

    A problem started recently where the print server installed Fiery printer would crash InDesign when trying to open the Fiery driver preferences in the Print dialog box. I rectified this by updating the driver from version 1.1 to IC414 1.2.

    Now, when the marketing department either print or HDD store a brochure job from within InDesign the finishing instructions (Saddlestitch and centre fold) are not applied and straight A3 sheets are printed.

    This problem is only happening in InDesign as a brochure can be exported as a PDF and printed with finishing instructions fine. This is not a permanent solution though as the quality of the print is inferior compared to printing directly from InDesign.

    Has anyone come across this problem before or have a solution to this?

    Thanks, Craig

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    We have been having odd printing issues from InDesign for the past year and no one seems to want to take responsibility for what broke!

    You might want to check out this thread, too... see if anything there is what you are also experiencing. I'm thinking this is all part of the same problem.

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    Hi Craig,

    Are you still having issues with this?

    If so, please try to uninstall your driver using Fiery Printer Delete utility (Windows) or Fiery Software Uninstaller (Mac) and then installing the newest driver from our EFI Download Center.

    If issue still persist, let me know.


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