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Thread: How to utilize mixed media?

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    Default How to utilize mixed media?

    Currently we are using the fiery Api for submitting jobs. All settings can be used which we found via the propertie scopes.

    Now we want to use mixed media, and we have found these 2 settings:

    attributes[EFMMInUse] => 'True'
    attributes[EFMMInsType] => 'None'

    So i guess we can use the normal media settings like:

    attributes[EFMediaColor] => 'White'

    In some kind of multidimensional array like:

    attributes[somekindofMixedMediaKey][EFMediaColor] => 'Blue'

    But the propertie scope doesn't make clear how to use this in a proper way.

    Regards Martin

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    To use pageranges for example, you can the attributes like so:

    'attributes[RangeNum0]' => '1-2',
    'attributes[RangeProp0_0]' => 'EFColorMode:CMYK',
    'attributes[RangeProp0_1]' => 'EFMediaColor:Blue',
    'attributes[RangeProp0_2]' => 'InputSlot:Tray5',

    Regards Martin

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    Thank you for sharing your findings!
    I'm pretty sure the other forum members will appreciate your input here.

    In general for advanced settings like mixed media, the best practice for job attributes and their values available for your Fiery servers right now will be to do trial and errors approach with Command WorkStation – basically, check job attributes before and after using Command WorkStation with Job Properties and compare what’s changed.

    We hope your integration project goes well with Fiery API!


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