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Thread: 12x18 Paper catalog media error

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    Default 12x18 Paper catalog media error

    "Media Not Mapped On Device Failure" when using a paper catalog created media using the size of 12x18. Same job works when selecting TabloidEX SEF or 12x18 custom size. Is there a setting on the KM 1250 that needs to be change or a correct way to create a 12x18 paper catalog entry?


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    There is no special mapping of media required for the KM 1250.

    The secret to a successful print to the KM1250 is that the name of the media on the KM1250 must be exact as what you named it on Fiery Central. Naturally the size must also match.

    Also note that some special Characters might not be accepted by the KM1250 so I would limit the naming to Alpha-Numeric and maybe underscores or dashes. Note: the KM1250 also has a limitation of 22 Characters so if the name is longer, it is recommended to make adjustments to the media name to accommodate this.


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    Also, after creating these catalogues on the FC and the 1250, you need to reboot.
    The 1250 is not really communicating "dynamically". I found that rebooting the copier and restarting the FC software resolves the issue.

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    Huh. Simply creating a paper catalog entry on the 1250, and a matching entry on Fiery Central, and having it all work shouldn't at ALL require a reboot of anything.

    Trust me.

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