We have a Toshiba eStudio 5540c with a Fiery controller (GA-1310-D908) set up as a Network printer. I am using the latest Fiery driver I could find, GA-1310 PS v1.0. Initially, we were using the Toshiba Universal driver to print from PC's, but users could not print multiple copies so we switched to the Fiery driver. This worked for a while, but all of a sudden one day, users could not print in color from their PC. I do not know if it was a Windows update or what? We have tried uninstalling/re-installing drivers and nothing seems to work. You can see color as a choice when you go to print from an application or from the Devices and Printers interface on the computer, but no matter what selection you make, it will only print B&W. Print preview in Microsoft Office applications even shows as color, but will only print in B&W. I really do not want to install the Printer locally if I can help it as we have too many users.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.