I'm having an issue where I'm trying to print postcards with a database. I do them ganged up four on a page with multi-record collate. Everything looks fine. I then go into properties for the new file and apply an Image shift on the back, bringing the image down about three millimeters. If I print it out, everything looks fine.

The issue comes if I try to save these settings as a preset and use them again, then the bottom left image (R4-P2, R8-P2, R12-P2, etc.) on the back is shifted like it should, but the other three images are not. If I go through the steps from scratch, it does fine. It's just when I try to use a preset. Since I do this kind of job at least once a week, doing it from scratch every time would be a nuisance, especially since I didn't have this problem until we got a new Fiery system just a couple weeks ago and this problem started.