Hi to all
We have been really confused about the xerox color 800 that we bought recently. First the paper catalog was inactive for a few days. We managed to handle the problem after trying patch installation and reinstalling fiery software more than 20 times. For 5 days the machine worked just fine. Out of the blue, it failed to work giving a 24-213 fault error and showing no signs of connection between pcui and the print engine. We tried reinstalling the PCUI (user interface dell optiplex780) several times but no result gained . It even failed to install the diagnostic tool. It took us nearly two days to resolve that problem and have the pcui fully reinstalled and had the PCUI and print engine fully connected. Just when we thought we can celeberate we realized the machine fails to print as the paper catalog on cws5 failed to show the paper catalogs that were defined on the pcui(meaning the fiery was not connected to the pcui). The 27-315 fault code pops up and the paper catalog does not sync. Its getting really frustrating. Has anyone experienced something similar? My colleague thinks the pcui
installation software is faulty but I have a hunch that it has something to do with wrong setting and /or compatibility.
Could any one help please?
Thank you all