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Thread: Hot Folders on a Mac, where to drag files

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    Default Hot Folders on a Mac, where to drag files

    I've created the hot folders via the console. The folders I created in the Shared section of the documents so that it wouldn't be so user dependent as to login.

    I can use the download button on the console menu to print and test my settings.

    Do I create an alias for the folder on the desktop so I can drag my files there easily. Or is there a better method?

    Having inherited this Mac, see an older printer's icon near the trash and it has several hot folder listed with it, but I still don't get an easy method to drag files to it.

    At my previous job, hot folders were on the PC's desktop. Now I have a Mac, kinda new to Mac, and unsure how to make life easier.

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    An alias on the desktop will work.

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