I've upgraded to El Capitan 10.11.3 on my iMac with 16gb ram and suddenly, I can't seem to print to the Hold Queue without manually going under printer settings in the print dialog and going to Fiery Features.

I used to be able to save my settings but now I have to go in and change them EVERY time, even if I just printed a copy a few seconds before.

Have I inadvertently installed the wrong driver? I seem to remember a while ago there were separate drivers for Print Direct, Print Hold, etc.

Is there a way to actually set and save defaults on a Mac that will *stick*?

Also... A side issue, when I let InDesign print direct to command workstation, the orientation of the page printing from InDesign is flipped.

For example:
I have an 11x17 landscape oriented page. If I print direct (not using the Driver settings), the file will show up on Command Workstation as a portrait document, so in order to print duplexed, I have to select Top Bind.

When using the driver settings and doing under Fiery Features to select Process & Hold, the file will go to CW as a landscape page, oriented just as I see it in InDesign. Now, if I want to duplex, I have to select Right & Left Bind.

Flukey and weird... but it does get annoying when doing image shift... never knowing which way CW considers to be UP in any given situation.