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Thread: PDF Containing both A4 and A3 Pages

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    Default PDF Containing both A4 and A3 Pages


    We recently acquired some Ricoh printers that came with fiery controller(s).
    Our IT is outsourced, the printers and fiery were provided direct to us by Ricoh, the operation of the devices is handled by a different part of my division, and the data files (in PDF format) are created by another separate division of the company.
    I was told yesterday that there were issues with printing PDFs that contain both A4 and A3 size pages in the same document and have been on phone and email to numerous folks involved in this to find out about fiery and how they are using it (I have even started watching the youtube videos...........) to try to manage the issue across the different folks involved.

    I have been led to believe that the printers are addressable as 'normal' printers via the virtual desktop, with PS drivers installed, and if the user prints a PDF direct to the printer via the virtual desktop it honours the page sizes (A4 and A3) within the document.
    I am going to request access to the security group so that I can see them on my virtual desktop as I currently do not have this.

    How the business normally process these PDF files is to drag-and-drop them from a hard drive into what sounds to me like Fiery CWS and then queue and print from there (they apply settings to do with hole punching etc as well ).. However what happens with A3 pages is that they actually print over 2 physical A4 pieces of paper (i.e. the whole document is printed on A4).

    I understand that Mixed Media allows individual pages or page ranges to be tagged manually, but this is not an option due to the volume and complexity of the documents that differ from one to another.

    It has been suggested that a 'solution' is to install the PS drivers on the fiery CWS PCs, and I believe that they weren't installed originally.
    What I don't really understand at this point is how this resolves the issue i.e. :

    Does the fiery CWS see the fiery controller as a printer or does it communicate to it in some other way/protocol?

    Is this likely to be something to do with bypassing the fiery controller and printing direct to the printer, in which case, this presumably loses the option to control things like hole-punching?

    Is this perhaps a way to 'print' the PDF into the fiery CWS queue rather than copy it and thus create the file in a different format (other than PDF)?

    I guess at this point I am trying to get my head around 'fiery' and how the pieces communicate with each other, what the options are etc, so if anybody has links to docs I would appreciate it as I may not have found everything relevant.

    Ideally I would go and have a look at the setup but as it is 7+ hours round trip to the site from previous experience, if I do go I want to make sure I understand as much as I can before I get there and have some hope of resolving the issue.


    Steve O.

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    Working through some webinars now.

    So it is possible to print to the Fiery server using a printer driver (with no CWS) as well as to bypsass the fiery altogether (based on Port)?

    And the print driver supports finishing options such as hole punch like CWS?

    Still can't figure out how CWS communicates with the Fiery server when there is no printer driver installed though (if indeed it is based on the info I have been given) or if installing one will resolve the issue.

    Steve O.

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