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Thread: Unable to Deauthorize due to unknown Passport account

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    Default Unable to Deauthorize due to unknown Passport account

    Hi EFI Support,
    I have CWS on our PC that is authorized with a previous staff members passport account.
    I do not have their passport password.
    I cannot reset their passport password as the reset email goes to whatever email they registered with.
    I need to deauthorize this PC and reauthorize with my passport account.
    How can I deauthorize this PC from this redundant account that I do not have the credentials for access?

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    For windows PC:
    Please try the following
    1. Close CWS
    2. Go to system “Services” windows. Locate “Fiery Data Collector” service. Stop the service.
    3. Delete the files “FierySettings.xml” and “PSStatus.txt” present in C:\ProgramData\FDC\FDCSettings
    4. Start the “Fiery Data Collector” Service
    The above steps should remove the previously authorized user from the system and you can try authorizing new user.


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    Default Thanks, CWS now deauthorised.

    Thanks for your help Gopi,
    This procedure worked and I have now removed the user and can re-authorise to continue using Fiery Dashboard.
    Thanks again,

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