Assuming you will be using Face Down delivery to the output tray.

Step #3 will take care of placing all odd pages on the front surface, face down.

Steps 4-5 will place a blank page in "front" of each even page. Since these pages will output duplex, each even page will have a blank on the front surface and an even page on the back surface (face up).

Here is an illustration of what you should expect where "Pn" is a body page, "IB" is an implicit blank, and "EB" is an explicit blank (you added them in Step #5)

[face down side] P1 IB, EB P2, P3 IB, EB P4, etc... [face up side]

I think this handles the request but please correct any misunderstanding.

Also, know that depending on the digital press there could be some downsides to this workflow.
1) Print speed may be slower due to the change between simplex and duplex.
2) The explicit blank pages could result in additional clicks on the service odometer.