If you have Fiery JobMaster then there is another alternative to using PDF bookmarks to define subsets for finishing. Beginning with CWS 5.8, JobMaster includes a job summary panel. This panel would provide the ability to 1) see a count of the pages with bookmarks, 2) filter the non-bookmark pages, and 3) select all pages with bookmarks.

It is #3 that would help in this workflow.

1. Open your bookmarked PDF in JobMaster
2. From the job summary panel select the hyperlink: "bookmark pages". All pages with bookmarks are now selected in the Page View.
3. Use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+C to add a chapter start (to all of the selected bookmark pages). Now, all bookmark pages will also include a Chapter Start marker.
4. From the settings Panel select "Chapters" from "Set Definition".

The result is that you will have one subset for each PDF bookmark. The bookmarked page will be the first page of the subset.

This capability is available today with CWS 5.8 though it does require a JobMaster license.

From CWS 5.8 you can see a video of the new Job Summary panel and Quick Select feature. From the CWS help menu choose "What's New" and look for "Quick page selection".

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