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Thread: KM IC-306 display code 55

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    Question KM IC-306 display code 55

    I have an IC-306 pro80 that displays an error code on the motherboard of 55.
    There is a black screen on the small display and on the monitor that I have connected to it. Also,
    the light above the display is yellow or amber..Is this a faulty motherboard?

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    Do the fans come on? If not, it may be a failed power supply.

    With VGA monitor connected, does any video at all appear in first 60 seconds or so?

    If nothing appears, then it most likely is a bad motherboard. Though it is possible, that it could be a bad DIMM or CPU as well.

    DIMM replacement is easiest thing to try first obviously.

    If you do need to replace motherboard, it is very important correct motherboard replacement kit is ordered - there are three different ones. To determine the one you need:

    1.) What Fiery system software version was running on it before failure? (1.x, 2.0, or 3.xx)

    2.) Was OS running on Fiery WinXP, or Win 7?

    3.) If this Fiery had v3.xx and Win7 running on it, was that upgrade done in field, or was it shipped from factory at that level?

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