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Thread: Calibration not working after CWS 5.8 update 2/10 AM

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    Default Calibration not working after CWS 5.8 update 2/10 AM

    Since updating CWS this morning on our C-1100s (ic310H model Fiery), we cannot complete calibration. It goes through the process like normal until scanning the calibration sheet. Then our ES-2000 disconnects before the last bar is scanned in.
    We've restarted and that has made no change. Our KM service tech is on site and restoring a backup from yesterday to see if that fixes the calibration problem short term.

    *Update: Restoring to the system did allow calibration to complete. The system is disconnecting frequently since that restore however, and running extremely slow.
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    Default Calibration not working

    Contacted the customer to get more details.


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