I have found a couple of similar complaints and suggestions in the forum, but my problem persists. It began several months ago, a result of causes unknown.

I run a C1070 with CWS 5.7.029 on an internal server, operated either from a computer at the machine or my PC at my desk. I was previously able to send a job with one of the presets including, for example, 3-hole punch, from my desktop. However, while the paper choice makes it to the machine, now the holes don't get punched, unless I use the computer at the machine. The presets are identical; in fact, I just exported and reloaded in my desktop version.

In my work, this is not a major problem, but it would be nice to regain full desktop control of print jobs.

Paper profiles have not changed. The only conflict I know of, is the paper setting for color calibration (using the EFI ES-2000). It has returned to the default 90gsm and it was reset it for my standard 105gsm when the machine was installed, but I can't find the controls to make the switch again. I'm guessing that's unrelated.

Any help, on either issue, appreciated.