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Thread: Fiery Extended Applications v4.4 is available

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    Default Fiery Extended Applications v4.4 is available

    We are pleased to announce the new Fiery Extended Applications Package v4.4 is now available for download, including Command Workstation 5.8.

    Additional information can be found in the Customer Release Notes Fiery Extended Applications 4.4

    For details about what is new in this release and supported platforms, see

    New features include:
    • The Best Fit Gangup Repeat feature in Fiery Impose automatically determines the best imposition layout to maximize the use of the media surface. For a specified output quantity, it determines the orientation, the number of rows and columns, and the number of sheets, saving clicks and manual calculations.
    • Fiery Impose now allows you to specify Japanese-style crop marks on a sheet layout to conform to printing processes that require them.
    • The Quick Search and Select feature in Fiery JobMaster allows you to navigate long documents to specific pages without scrolling. Instead, you can locate pages based on page properties that you specify. You can also perform page-level actions on the selected pages.
    • Fiery JobMaster now allows you to create multi-part NCR (carbonless) forms easily. You can fulfill complex numbering and stamping requirements for NCR form orders.
    • Job duplication and job numbering: For form and ticketing jobs, Fiery JobMaster now supports easy job duplication and numbering.
    • The Fiery Integration Package, a component of the Fiery Extended Applications package, includes the updated version of Fiery JDF v1.5. Details on this package is available at

    More questions? Help for Command WorkStation 5.8 is available from the Command Workstation help menu, and from

    Service Pack 2
    Service Pack 2 has also been released, and is available as an update in Fiery Software Manager for all users with the Release 4.4 package.

    The Service Pack addresses the following issues:
    - Job Properties was not launching with certain Sys8eR2 products
    - Hot Folder JPEG filter was calling errors after the upgrade

    Thanks to our friends in the forums for reporting these issues quickly, so we could also resolve them quickly with the Service Pack.
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