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Thread: Yosemity - driver install failed

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    Default Yosemity - driver install failed


    I am IT manager at a small Architecture firm. We have a RICOH Pro C5100S with a Fiery E-22B installed.

    I have downloaded the latest OS X driver at
    Most of my client machines (iMac) run OS X 10.10.5 and generally they are set up identically, but used by different individuals.

    My problem is that on approximately half the clients I get an Installation Failed error message when trying to install the driver. I need help to troubleshoot why.

    I have tried to delete printer preferences in both user, root and system library with no luck.
    I have tried to copy/paste printer prefs from a healthy machine with no luck.

    When I install.
    The dmg, launches an apple install tool, that works fine.
    At some point apple's install tool launches a Fiery Printer Driver Installer (FPDI). It is as if the FPDI can't launch properly because the error message comes when the FPDI icon is finished jumping in my dock.

    I hope one of you have an idea to how I can install the driver on all of my clients

    Morten G. Bilde
    JUUL | FROST Architects

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    Please be sure you are downloading the latest version of the Mac Fiery Driver from

    When you download the Fiery driver dmg, there is another application, "Fiery Software Uninstaller" included. Please try running this to remove all previous Fiery Drivers before installing the latest driver.

    I have been unable to reproduce your issue on Mac 10.10.5. As another idea, is it possible for you to upgrade your Macs to 10.11.3 or later?


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    Hi m.bilde,

    If your Mac is running a local language, try to swith OS to english, install all drivers and driver patch and then switch again to your local language.


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