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Thread: Server Setup instructions???

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    Jan 2016

    Angry Server Setup instructions???

    I can't find ANY information in these forums, or anywhere in the basic information that this app SHOULD have online, about how to set up Fiery servers on the app. Unless I am blind, there is absolutely nothing, anywhere, explaining the settings that need to be in place prior to using the app so that "adding a Fiery" makes remotely *any* sense to the user. Perhaps some know intuitively how to do this, but I am stumped. I've tried everything, and I keep getting the message "Fiery unavailable".

    Some specific questions: What are the required wireless network settings? Which systems need to be on the network? Where do I look for the IP address I should be using? What *EXACTLY* is communicating with Fiery Go on my device? Could the entire setup potentially work better if multiple computers on this network are running CWS (Server v9 and CWS 5.5+ etc)?

    You guys seriously need some better documentation for this app, since it poses a potentially awesome range of benefits to technicians multi-tasking around large print shops.

    Vote if you agree...

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    I agree it's frustrating to get that message; let me see if I can add some suggestions to help:
    - confirm your phone/tablet can see the Fiery's webpage in your browser. Enter the Fiery's IP address to bring up the Fiery home page. If you have the Command WorkStation application connected to your Fiery, you can open it, click on the Device Center tab and the General tab to display the IP address near the top of the window. If you don't have Command WorkStation, let me know the model of your Fiery (and printer name) and how you otherwise connect to the Fiery so we can figure that out. If your Fiery home page comes up, I expect your mobile device can see your Fiery on your network.
    - You need to make sure Fiery API is installed on the Fiery server itself (see Fiery Go overview and click on Specifications for more details). Depending on the model of your Fiery and the printer, Fiery API may already be installed; else it's possible to install Fiery API on System 9 Release 2 and later Fierys using the steps described in the URL above.

    Fiery Go is using basic web service calls to the Fiery server to get information. Fiery Go only talks directly to the Fiery server, and does not talk to other workstations running Command WorkStation.

    Hope that helps; with some more information hopefully we can get this figured out.


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    Unhappy Fiery Server upgrade?

    Thanks Mike.

    OK so I'm running Fiery Server 9 with CWS 5.7

    It looks like I need Fiery Sever 9r2 ...correct?

    If so, how do I upgrade the server software? I can't find that anywhere on your site... all I can see is how to update components such as CWS etc.

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    Default Not so bad I thought

    I thought the set-up was pretty easy. I have a bit of a tech background so it all seemed logical, regarding how an IP setup would work: but for most people I can totally see this being frustrating. A wizard set-up may be useful for most people.

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    Hi mmpsm,

    Fiery Go is not currently supported on System 9. Since this is the codebase that is locked into the Fiery, not software, there isn't a way to upgrade from System9 to System 9R2.

    However, there is still a method of getting Fiery Go to work with Fiery System 9. This is an unsupported method meaning that we cannot help you if you come across any issues using this method. Other customers and I have tried this method and it seems to work fine.

    1. Make sure your system is up to date with the latest patches
    2. Go to, download and install Fiery API on your Fiery
    3. Run Fiery go.

    With the latest version of Fiery API on your Fiery, Fiery Go should now work.

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