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Not entirely sure why the 8th January is perceived to be an issue ? perhaps a more apt question would be - do you have a service agreement with Xerox ? if so presumably you have engaged with Software Support & the relevant JER has been collected & forwarded to EFI via one of our Analysts ? for onward escalation to EFI ? i.e that is what you are paying for ?
Sure, but wouldn't these forums be pretty useless if nobody posted here and always went through software support? It is always helpful to find users with the same issue, and if there is a known solution posted here, it perhaps avoids the rigmarole of trying to get software support to understand and find a solution.

I figured the patch description "Fiery patch to address color clicks issue" may indicate this is related to the OP's issue if the Fiery log shows all greyscale jobs started getting registered as colour clicks after 8th January when the patch was installed.

I have always found with Xerox that it helps to have as much specific information as possible, in order to get the problem resolved asap, and these forums are often a valuable tool in this respect.

As the OP says, selecting the greyscale colour mode option in job properties in CWS is normally guaranteed to force any job to print in black only, as you would expect. That is also my assumption and experience having used that option on many different Xerox machines and Fierys over the years.