Had an iGen 5 installed over Christmas and there is one thing on the latest version of Command WorkStation that, although not essential, is a bit of a pain in the rear.

We're running version 5.70.47a.

Now, on the old version (I can't refer back now to find out what one it was) when I dropped a PDF into the held queue, the "Paper Size" would adjust to the size of the document.
This was great for a Process and Hold and a soft proof PDF to the client for approval.
On this latest version, the paper is bound by the size of the virtual printer. In this case, 8.5x11 LEF. I know I can change it in the virtual printer and/or in the job properties but its a few extra unnecessary steps I would rather avoid if possible.
Is there any way to have it as 'none defined' and automatically change?

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance