Greetings all,

Firstly, here is some details of our system..
IC-308 v2 Upgrade
FS150 Pro
Konica Bizhub Press 1085

Our current output profile setup is as follows:
4 output profiles, for 4 media's = Satin, Gloss, Digital Uncoated, Offset Plain Paper

Any given day i may print a handful of jobs on Satin paper, and calibrate to the Satin output profile. The paper weights may vary from job to job, but it is the same supply of Satin etc.

What i was able to do is, for example, load 200g Satin and calibrate the Satin output profile using that stock. Then later in the day, or next day etc, i could load a 300g satin, and calibrate
the Satin profile using that 300g stock. For me, it keeps things simple having one output profile for 1 family of paper (with various weights and sizes).

This method of managing stocks, and output profiles had been working beautifully since we fired up the Fiery & 1085 in May this year.

However, about 4 weeks ago, i lost the ability to use various weights (and sizes) to calibrate ther associated output profile. It appears that the calibration process will only allow the same
media type/weight/size of stock that was initially used to create the output profile.
For example, if my Satin output profile was created using 170g SRA3, and i load a 200g SRA3, the following error message occurs..

"The Calibration Page did not Print. It may have been suspended or Cancelled. Check the Printing Queue, the Printed Queue, and Job Log"
in the Printed queue, is a faulted calibration job, and when viewing the error associated is states, "Job Media is not associated with any tray".

Also similarily, if i set a job to use a particular type of paper, and send the job to print, the job will fault to Printed Queue if that particular media isnt loaded on any tray. Previously the job
would wait for the media requested by the job to be loaded, and then continue to print, or you could Force the job to print on an alternative loaded media.

This may be co-incidental, but earlier that morning when these strange behavours began (November 17th), there was a handful of patches that were automatically updated.

FIT101140311 <- this one was interesting as there was reference to "Paper Profile" in the patch summary.

If anyone can shed some light, suggestions or recommendations, appreciation will be in abundance.

Many thanks