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Thread: E-41A Win7 HDD

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    Default E-41A Win7 HDD

    Is it possible to install a larger HDD in Fiery than is currently installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragoth View Post
    Is it possible to install a larger HDD in Fiery than is currently installed.
    Yep. But I would recommend this is performed by a Fiery technician. You'll need to check with them if they support adding larger drives to that Fiery server.

    If so, then they will need to first clone your Fiery, using Fiery Clone Tool, and save the image to a USB drive.

    Then fit the new HDD, and boot from the Fiery Clone Tool DVD, and restore from the image on the USB drive. It will partition/format the drive, and put your image back on in one operation. Way quicker than reloading system software.

    Just be aware, clone tool will not save your jobs or job logs (export these first) but will save everything else.

    The larger HDD will be partitioned the same as your existing drive, except the extra space will go to E partition. So if your D drive is full, this is not going to help you anymore than doing a clear server in CWS. Let us know why you need the bigger HDD, and we can advise.


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    Default Fiery E partition has zero free space.

    A fairly small partition 82 gb, users are deleting held jobs. we'll see how that goes. We just did the upgrade to win 7, I wish I had installed a larger drive then.

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