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Thread: Printing from Photoshop sRBG

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    I'm trying to get accurate color printing from an sRGB document in Photoshop CC. I've attached my current settings. One print has a dark brown which prints more like a black. Any help is appreciated.


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    In the Fiery job properties settings, I recommend setting RGB Source Profile to sRGB and Rendering Intent Photographic or Relative Colorimetric.

    I'll need to double check on this, but if Photoshop is embedding the sRGB profile noted in the UI, you can have Fiery honor the embedded profile by setting RGB Source to None.

    Though, my understanding is that the Fiery sRGB profile is the same as the Photoshop sRGB profile. Either option should get you towards your desired target.

    Also, if you mainly print images,, you might want to consider setting to the RGB Source default to sRGB and Rendering Intent to Photographic/Relative. FieryRGB/Presentation is optimized for office environments where apps like Excel and Powerpoint usage is high.
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    I agree with this. I personally have had better color quality with photos by using Adobe RGB no matter what the embedded is. Not sure why but i believe its because most of the photos taken are created using Adobe RGB profile, and it doesn't change. I would recommend printing a sample of each RGB source profile with the Photoshop document you created and see which is best. Likely it will be either Adobe (creation) or sRGB (your Photoshop colorspace) profiles.


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