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Thread: Fiery CW Calibration in Xenapp

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    Default Command Workstation Calibration in Xenapp

    Has anyone been able to get the Fiery Command Workstation working in a XenApp environment (Server 2012 R2)? Specifically the calibration function?

    90% of the Fiery CW works fine as a published application, but when trying to launch the calibration, when clicking measure, the child window doesn't appear. We are using Generic USB redirection, which presents the x-rite device to the server and this works well and is detected within the session.

    I realise this isn't technically supported in a XenApp environment. Is this due to a lack of knowledge on Citrix within EFI, or is there known technical limitation? I'd really like to know which, as we have been using Fiery CW in a XenApp environment for some time without any problems, asides calibration.

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