We are printing manuals on Canon 7095's, using MicroPress V8.3.

The manuals are usually between 200 and 500 pages long. The manuals are made up of duplexed 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper (one page per side).

We're printing one to 10 each of the various manuals.

About a week ago we started having some of the manuals come out with two blank pages. The problem is intermittent but the two blank pages always occur one after the other in sequence.

We rebooted the MicroPress last week and it seemed like the problem went away for a day. It returned Monday morning and after a reboot, the blank page issue was still occurring.

Today, we reinstalled an older "image" of the MicroPress system from this spring, and initially it seemed like the problem was gone. After about two hours of running manuals, the blank pages are back.

Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated.