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Thread: Yellow backgrounds on job status icons

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    Default Yellow backgrounds on job status icons

    Just the other day one of my users hit some magical keyboard combination and now all my archived jobs have a yellow background on their icons (see attachment) and I am unable to modify their properties even as an administrator. Can anyone shed some light on what happened and how I can revert things back to how they were. Thank you.

    I am using Command Workstation 5.7

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    The yellow is the "Job Status" and i merely lets you know if the file is ripped or not you can remove it by right clicking the heading bar and deselecting the job status. Also note you could have selected the VDP or JDF set as they are different from the standard set.

    As far as modifying properties, that has been (as far as i know) never changeable. You have archived it; changing an archive properties would be counter productive to me. If you want to change its values put it in the hold queue and change it there then archive it again (after you remove the old version). I do this when i change stock properties or CMYK/RGB general properties, and i want the new one to match. (also when alignment has changed, with the '[] Tray Alignment' checked).


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