I currently have a problem on an old Konica Minolta C6501 with an IC-408 Fiery which manifests itself as a paper size/type mismatch displayed on the printers touch screen and CWS even though settings between the paper tray and job settings match.

This seems to happen every 3-4 months and If I print out a Fiery Config page and look at the PS Setup options and look at the section for paper weight it just has the numbers "63" next to it where it would normally have "81-105 g/m2"

If I view the config page from webtools or CWS it displays the correct weight and only shows "63" on the print out. I have to reload the Fiery to resolve the issue then it won't happen again for ages.

I know it isn't the Fiery Hardware as The printer has had a newer IC408 attached to it on the last software reload due to a mainboard failure so was cheaper to source a second hand unit. The problem has been going on for over a year and was hoping the newer IC408 would stop the issues but it didn't.

The customer is about to get a UPS to connect to the Fiery as they often get power cuts so I think it may be possible to corrupt the PS setup options this way but I'm not 100% convinced as I've never seen this problem before and normally corrupt Fiery's just don't start again once they display the dreaded "FF" on the LED diag so then need reloading.

The other possibility is curruption through a sent job but again I've never seen this cause this particular problem. They use a PDF workflow and sometimes send jobs from Adobe applications through print drivers (drivers are up to date and configured correctly)

hope to get some suggestions.

many thanks