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Thread: Background suddenly prints yellow instead of white

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    Default Background suddenly prints yellow instead of white

    All of a sudden prints that are sent through our Fiery E-100 have a yellow
    background instead of white. (texts and images are printed but all are surrounded with yellow) Off white parts of the design (e.g. with a Y of 1) look like white but the complete page is filled in with solid yellow colour.

    We've already localised the issue only happens on this Fiery because we
    have another one that still works fine.
    This occurs from different Mac OS X computers and all applications (e.g.
    Indesign, Adobe Reader, PS).

    When printing directly to the printer (Konica Minolta bizhub C554e) no yellow is added so it prints a white background as it should.

    We're getting the advice to calibrate the printer/fiery, but I have my doubts that
    this could solve this issue.
    What could cause this effect?

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    Default RE: Background suddenly prints yellow instead of white

    Hi Letitia.

    This is a new one on me. Do the files have RGB or CMYK in them? Or both?

    What if you save a PDF and submit that? Same problem?

    Let me know and we'll give some more suggestions.


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    Cool problem solved!

    Our problem is solved. It turned out the ventilation holes on the Fiery
    were full of dust which caused the Fiery to overheat.
    We cleaned the Fiery and then it was a good print again.

    We already noticed that the further in the day the more yellow was visible on the prints...

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    Been following this thread ... thank you for reporting this surprising solution!

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    Curious: You said the ventilation holes in the Fiery were clogged. Is that the printer or the server? Is it an internal Fiery controller?

    As to the cleanliness, it is best to setup a routine cleaning of printers so the parts last longer and the prints remain sharp. I'd recommend setting it up for the beginning of each month so its easy to remember. If your printing environment is heavy with dust I'd set it bimonthly. A report from one of my techs was that aside from the standard routine parts replacement (PCM) the printer never needed additional work and that was because it was kept in a server room with a strict climate control system.


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