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Thread: Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan Compatibility

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    Default Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan Compatibility

    Fiery Extended Applications Package Compatibility

    Today Apple released Mac OS 10.11 to the field, available as a free download from EFI has been evaluating all the Mac OS 10.11 beta releases and GM seed from Apple. Our testing so far confirms that the current Fiery Extended Applications 4.3 is generally compatible with Mac OS 10.11, however we have found the following issues:
    1. Fiery Remote Scan quits unexpectedly when closing the program (TWAIN plugin not unloading properly).
      This issue is fixed and will be included in an upcoming release to be posted in the download center.
    2. Cosmetic issue with Hot Folder and Fiery Remote Scan icons not changing states for some conditions, such as when in disabled or error states.
      Issue fixed and will be included in an upcoming release to be posted in the download center.
    3. Fiery Remote Scan not launching from Fiery JobMaster or Fiery Impose (works fine launching from Acrobat Pro).
      Actively investigating this issue, with a plan to address in an upcoming release. In the meantime users can work around this issue by scanning to PDF, then inserting the pages using Job Master.

    We’ll update this post in a few weeks, when we have the new release available for download, or any further updates.

    Fiery Print Driver Compatibility
    EFI will begin posting updated drivers in the Download Center for over 100 currently supported products, starting from October 1.
    Please use these updated printer drivers with Mac OS 10.11; existing Fiery printer drivers are not supported with Mac OS 10.11.
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