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Thread: Unable to authorise this computerd

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    Default Unable to authorise this computerd

    I have created and account but when I enter my EFI passport username and password in the CWS Edit Menu> Authorise this computer, it will not connect.

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    Hi Julie,

    Can you please confirm if the machine with CWS has access to internet or better try login into https://fierydashboard.efi.com/ from that machine to see if the website is able to open on that machine correctly?

    If this works, can you send us the log file from your client machine so we can debug it further? The log file location is:
    - Windows OS: C:\programdata\FDC\logs\FDC.log
    - Mac OS: \Applications\Fiery\Command WorkStation5\FDC\Logs\FDC.log



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    If I could piggyback on this thread, I'm having the same issue, trying to add notifications to Fiery JobFlow.

    I can confirm my EFI Passport user id is correct and the password is correct. I can log into EFI Passport, and even go so far as to use dashboard to connect to one of the printers I'm using.

    I just can't authorize the computer to send notifications. The popup error is "Make sure you are connected to the internet". (when trying to authorize the computer in JobFlow)

    Looking into the log, this seems to be the culprit: (FDC.log)

    Curl Perform failed, error code = 56 and error message = Failure when receiving data from the peer

    12/8/2015 6:06:30 PM | PingFDB HTTPResponseCode = 0
    I'm almost certain I'm being blocked by the firewall or some silly proxy setting. I've opened a ticket with my company support, but they don't seem to have a clue how to get around it. Is there something definitive I can say to them to get them to understand what it is I need to do?

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