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Thread: Xerox EX J75 - C drive filling up with random temp files

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    Default Xerox EX J75 - C drive filling up with random temp files

    Hi All,

    I've had a few issues recently with customers reporting that the C:/ Partition on their EX Print server is getting full, or close to full, and causing problems with system stability. Mostly this is the newer Windows 7 Servers with 50GB C:/

    Usually the problem is that the operator has saved files on the desktop, installed additional non-Fiery applications (as they shouldn't) or that Hot Folders (saved on Desktop) are holding cached jobs too long.

    This is typically easy to fix by avoiding all of the above.

    Today i've seen a Xerox EX J75 with about 9.8GB of files all being stored in the Windows temp directory. They appear to be Fiery jobs or in some way related. The RIP is not running HotFolders, Archive or any other software i can see that would cause this.

    Has anyone any ideas what is creating these files?

    Also..... as a general request to Fiery at large.....
    Please consider a giving the C:\ Partition more room by default. Servers with a 1TB disk could easily have a 100GB C:\ drive. I know the point is the C:\ drive doesn't (shouldn't) need to be used. But in the experience of several of my customers they cannot manage easily with only 50GB. Having the default behaviour of HotFolders to create on desktop is certainly not helping and is usually the cause of the problem. But not in this case.

    The files are located in C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Temp all named something like:

    Thanks all.
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