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Thread: Virtual printer settings being ignored when printing

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    Default Virtual printer settings being ignored when printing


    I have been really struggling with out macs and our new Ricoh CS5100. We have a fiery E22B and originally setup the printers on our windows 2012 R2 server, setting up logical printers for each type of printing we wanted (like A3-250GSM or A4-120GSM etc). When sending print jobs from the macs to the logical printers they always used their own print settings rather than the printers and never picked up the logical printer settings even though we had 2 way communication enabled.

    In the end we decided to purchase the hot folders and virtual printers add on for the mac. We set up a few virtual printers in the workstation software and set up the printers on the macs using the latest fiery driver for the ricoh cs5100. We set the queue name to the name of the virtual printer (interestingly the virtual printer names never appeared in the drop down for the queues when setting them on on the macs. I don't know if this is how it works or not!). SO we added them manually. Anyway, again if we sent a pdf to the printer on any mac using the virtual printer queue it completely disregards the virtual printer setting and prints the pdf on how it is defined at the mac level.

    I am completely stumped. We have spent literally days of wasted time and effort trying to get this to work and even spent on the virtual printer package to solve the problem but still no luck. We have tried on multiple macs some on 10.8.5 and 10.9.5 osx (obviously we used the different driver).

    We also tried looking at CUPS but no luck again. We can see the presets from the fiery IF we drill down to the fiery features and then click the presets option but that means every user has to drill down three levels every time they want to print something which defeats the object of the virtual printing queues.

    Has anyone got any ideas? I was hoping we might be able to get help from EFI directly on this as our printer supplier does not do Macs and knows less than us but it appears that we can only get help from them and not EFI direct?

    any help would be greatly appreciatetd and I will happily send a few craft beers to the person who can solve this riddle!!!!



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    Hello, maybay i can help you, i use virtual printer into my fiery GX400 and Fiery-1201 for 110 mac clients (10.6-10.10)

    In my setup, i create a new printer with LPD into the ip section of printer systeme preference

    the IP of the fiery
    name of the queue (virtual printer name)
    in my config : print1 (B&W) print2 (color) print3 (labels) etc
    choose manually the good driver

    for the fiery rip, i lock all setup.
    my user never change nothing, the just ney need to choose the good printer

    I use munki to deploy this setup to all my clients, the worste part is the fiery driver

    Canon CLC4040 + Fiery GX100 with the new GX200 software
    70 Macintosh only client (10.4->10.5)
    Xserve with Print server activated

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