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Thread: Tray pulls when printing PDF with CWS5 on Ricoh Pro 1357EX

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    Default Tray pulls when printing PDF with CWS5 on Ricoh Pro 1357EX

    I am receiving variable data PDFs from my customer. I am using CWS5 and printing on Ricoh Pro 1357EX. I need the odd number pages to print from one tray and the even number pages to print from a different tray. The PDF files may have 10,000 pages. How can I set this up?

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    in properties mixed media you can set this up. But at the moment (as far as i know) you will have to enter the page numbers manually. Setting up by odd/even is one of the wishlist items for CWS.

    If your printing duplex 'page 2' is the back of page 1 so keep that in mind. Sheet and records are sets of pages. So if you sage page 2 on duplex is from a different tray you may have issues (blank sides i believe)


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    If the PDF file that your customer is providing is a standard PDF file, you can use the Define Record Length feature in the VDP tab of Job Properties to define the length of each record. For example, if every two pages in your 10,000 page PDF file represents a separate VDP (Variable Data Printing) record, you can enter 2 as the record length. The job will then be treated as a VDP job and any settings, such as media or finishing settings, would be applied on a per record basis.

    To define the media as you need, you could assign the media settings for the odd number pages in the main section of the Media tab in Job Properties. Then make a Mixed Media exception for page 2 and assign the media settings needed for the even numbered pages. These settings will then be applied to each record of the job.

    If the file is a PDF-VT file, your Fiery may already recognize it as a VDP file where record boundaries would already be recognized and you would just have to make the media definitions mentioned above. Most newer external Fierys recognize PDF-VT as a supported VDP format.

    You can find more information about Variable Data Printing in the How To guides at Choose your Fiery System version and you will see a list of topics, including Variable Data Printing.

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